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Bloesem Bluf 0,5%

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Bloesem Bluf 0,5% is a non alcoholic blond beer of 0,5%. The recipe is based on our famous beer: Bloesem Blond. Are you a chameleon between the partygoers? Then this beer is your party partner.

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Light of colour
Barley-, Wheat malt, Oat flakes
Sweet and fresh
Magnum hop
Fresh and floury

Bloesem Bluf 0.5% is alcohol-free.

Bloesem Bluf is brewed in the traditional way, including fermentation that produces alcohol. Next, most of the alcohol is removed from the beer. By brewing the beer in the usual manner and then extracting the alcohol, you still get the taste of real beer!

Bloesem Bluf 0.5% goes well with...

Samosas and other spicy snacks.

Recipe tip: Spicy red curry

Did you know...

The alcohol-free beer market has been growing explosively for a few years now, and 1 in 15 beers is now alcohol-free. 11% of the craft beer market has a lower alcohol content (between 0.5% and 3.5%). Therefore the perfect time to introduce our own version of this beer style to the market!

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